Google Hangouts: the jury is out

Yesterday I had a virtual meeting scheduled with a client and a designer – we we’re going to look at some concepts, make some changes and generally talk our way through the process. There are an array of collaboration tools out there that allow small groups of people to share files, screens, audio, video, and […]

My new Macbook: cute, but stupid?

Needing a new laptop, I did some research, talked with friends, and purchased a Macbook Air on Saturday. It’s gorgeous, and makes me feel more hip just being near it. The problem is: its network speed is very, very slow. Whereas the other machines on my home network reliably get 15mb/s, the Macbook stumbles along […]

Jason Mogus’ and Jon Stahl’s take on Kony 2012

There has been a healthy and predictable amount of chatter about the Kony 2012 viral campaign. They’ve nearly hit an astonishing 100M views of the video. The question remains: is their strategy effective (ie: will he get captured), and if so, are the campaign’s tactics reproducible for other purposes? Online-strategy ace, Jason Mogus, does a good job […]

And yes … it’s a new Ericksen Initiatives website

Image by tuppus Let me know what you think of the new site. It’s amazing what a $100K budget will get you in this economy. WordPress integrates well with twitter and other social channels – it’s impressive. I’m doing some practical testing of the system this week, and will have some thoughts to share soon.

WordPress = Good

Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with a lot of websites, and lots of content management systems (CMSs). I’ve done a few projects recently with Drupal, and found it very powerful. Putting this site together with WordPress was unbelievably easy. The administrative interface is solid, the number of extensions/plugins is huge, and most importantly, […]

Do I Need a Mac Laptop?

I’m busy, and while I like the idea of roaming amongst the beautiful people at the Apple Store, I just can’t do it right now. I’m finding that my consulting is requiring more presentations, or “showing” of technology, design, reports, etc. My mobile computer is a version-1 iPad (with a keyboard, and while I love […]