Ericksen Initiatives is a technical consultancy located in Seattle, WA.

I work with foundations, nonprofit organizations, and community-based businesses out of choice. After 20-years of technology management and consulting, I’ve decided that it’s more important to work with people you admire than to make a huge paycheck. I feel lucky to be working with my clients.

I haven’t always been a consultant. In fact, I’ve spent most of my career on the other side of the table from consultants. This means that I’m sensitive to the sometimes flawed relationships that can occur when consultants lose track of the big picture. Projects usually address discrete needs – getting a new fundraising system or moving file-sharing to the cloud – but they fit within a larger, more important frame: what the organization is trying to accomplish. By understanding the full context, it’s possible to find technology that fits like a glove and keeps budget numbers low.

I’m well informed, but impartial – technically agnostic, really. I’m one of those odd ducks that looks forward to scanning tech-blogs over my morning oatmeal. Starting at Microsoft in the 80s, I have used an enormous amount of technology. I draw from this experience every day, and apply it to help my clients. When technology works, smart people can spend time on what they do best, like running their business, or saving the world – or both.

You can take a look at my history, and who I’m working with now.