PHP/WordPress Freelancer Needed

Ericksen Initiatives has some upcoming project work that involves customizing and augmenting WordPress. Functional requirements for the work are still being gathered, but are likely to be uncomplicated. Timing is Feb – Apr, with the possibility of additional ongoing work. Visit the following intake page to apply: Thanks.

NationBuilder, GOP “tool” of choice

Photo by Moan Lisa Historically used by political organizers of all stripes, Mashable reports that… …NationBuilder will be the exclusive campaign technology of the Republican State Leadership Committee, whose mission is to elect Republican candidates running for office at the state level across the U.S. Through the arrangement, Republican candidates running for about 7,500 different […]

Satire: Why is RadioShack still here?

The Onion, nailing it, as usual: Even CEO Can’t Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business CEO Julian Day FORT WORTH, TX—Despite having been on the job for nine months, RadioShack CEO Julian Day said Monday that he still has “no idea” how the home electronics store manages to stay open. “There must be some […]

Google Hangouts: the jury is out

Yesterday I had a virtual meeting scheduled with a client and a designer – we we’re going to look at some concepts, make some changes and generally talk our way through the process. There are an array of collaboration tools out there that allow small groups of people to share files, screens, audio, video, and […]

My new Macbook: cute, but stupid?

Needing a new laptop, I did some research, talked with friends, and purchased a Macbook Air on Saturday. It’s gorgeous, and makes me feel more hip just being near it. The problem is: its network speed is very, very slow. Whereas the other machines on my home network reliably get 15mb/s, the Macbook stumbles along […]